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I have known Claus professionally for close to 10 years. Claus has always had something to offer, without being pushy in any way. Claus personality makes it easy for him to gain peoples confidence and enables him to get his customers to open up and get to the essential issues munch faster than and other consultant I have meet. I have seen Claus create fundamental behavioral changes in people who had absolutely no inclination to do so from the outset. Claus works extremely well with people that normally would not respond favorably to “sales training” i.e. people who perceives themselves as experts not, sales people. That is a quite difficult task, but I have seen Claus do it, and seen the results.

Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , High Integrity

Mads Toksværd, CEO/founder,

Jeg har igennem en årrække arbejdet sammen med Claus i skiftende stillinger og firmaer. Claus er detailleorienteret, ordentlig, og frem for alt en super dygtig coach, som er istand til at udvikle sælgere og ledere til et endog meget højere niveau.

Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Creative

Niels Flemming Hansen, Salgschef hos Politiken

Claus is involved to a high degree at a personal level in the process. As sales trainer he is aware of the target and focus on improving results, and follows up over time ensuring the provided toolbox actually is in use by the salesforce. I have experienced Claus as a personal coach in periods where significnat personal decisions had been taken, and as such he is capable in raising and collaborating on essetial questions of life. I got Claus recommended by a former management colleague, and will by myself recommend Claus.

Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , High Integrity

Jens Bollerup hired Claus as a Personal Trainer in 2004 and hired Claus more than once