Christian Dior

“I worked closely together with Claus as part of a bigger turn-around I did at Parfums Christian Dior. I can highly recommend Claus as a very committed, skilled and professional consultant. He spends the time necessary to understand the business, the people involved and the challenges and opportunities before he starts his mission. This allows him to operate as an integrated part of the company – as an “employee”. This way his training becomes very relevant for each participating employee. Claus focuses a lot on case training and “on the field” training as opposed to focusing on theories. This makes sure that the training delivers lasting results. During a process he also evaluates his training after each session, to make sure he has delivered what his customer expected from him On top of this, Claus has an extremely positive spirit and is very good at motivating people.”

Gitte Skouenborg Lasnier, Country Manager, Parfums Christian Dior A/S